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The most beautiful tattoo I’ve ever seen. =O

My tattoos. Jesus is on my right leg. Mary is on the left.

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Yesterday I got my other leg tattooed. It’s my zombie jesus drawing. I just got the outline done. June 15th I go back to get things detailed/colored for both of my leg pieces. Stoked.

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And here is the 2nd sleeve I have done. This is Steve’s arm, one of my best clients on the planet. Took 7 months of him coming in every 2-3 weeks. Anyways, enjoy :)


My tattoo. By Edu Mecca of Curitiba/PR - Brazil



More black by Roxx2Spirit last weekend. One or two more sessions of dot work then we move on to my collar bones and the back of my neck =]

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Finished today. I’ve been drinking with skeletons.