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my gay community experience.

Before anyone gets butthurt… this is just what I’ve experienced. I’m sure other people have had different experiences but this is what I have had to deal with.

For a while I have been trying to make gay friends.. I wanted to fit in within the gay community. Just to feel accepted somewhere. But I am cast out because I am not the right type of gay (skinny, toned body, overly flamboyant, name brand everything, randomly hooking up with strangers etc). If that is you…more power to you but not all gay men are like that. Which is probably why I don’t have the gay friends I am seeking…you guys simply annoy me.

Not that ALL gay dudes act like this online as well.. but some of the gay dudes I’ve encountered online are exactly how the gay dudes I’ve encountered act in person. Which is the exact reason why I don’t have many gay friends online. You annoy me. Not all… but a good majority of you are drama thirsty, arm flailing, always fitting the typical “gay stereotype”, passing judgment on everyone else but yourself, attention seeking hyenas. I can only take you dudes in small doses. I am gay… it’d be nice to have some gay dude friends…. but seriously every gay guy I’ve encountered has been the same.  

I will continue to try…but I will not be hopeful.  

I was just outside on my front porch for a cig break. It was dead silent outside. No animals, birds, cricket sounds.. not even any car sounds. Just pure silence. It’s a strange, creepy but comforting feeling. I like that shit.

Up thinking about a lot of stuff. Mostly things I want to change within my life. I have so many goals I want to complete…but right now everything seems so unattainable. The only goal I’ve reached this year is within the past week I’ve cut down on smoking cigarettes A LOT. I went from smoking almost 2 packs a day a week ago…to now maybe 2 - 4 cigs every other day. I am not sure I will quit completely.. but I will be cutting down. I’ve been spending most of my days by myself since moving back home. I see my best friend (which feels like my only friend) here & there. Besides that… I have no other human contact unless it’s with my mom/younger brother. I barely talk to my online friends as well… it’s like everyone has forgotten I exist. I feel really alone. People can say “no man you’re not alone you’ve got so many people who care” blah blah. That may be true…but that doesn’t change the fact that I feel utterly alone… like no one has my back, no one is on my side. I feel completely alone in the truest sense of the word. My mind is in a weird place..

Hopefully I can start making some progress with the things I want to change.  

I’ve always been a fat kid. Here’s the proof. I was 2 years old. lol. That’s my mom next to me btw.

Found this amongst my things in my moms house.
Original VHS of Heavyweights.
I wish I had a VHS player right now. 

Moving out.

Today is the last day for me to move my shit out of my apartment. Heading back to my moms house for a month or so till I get my new apartment with a friend. Hopefully I can get internet in the room over there or something. 

Also, while cleaning I found some of Doctor’s (my cat who passed recently) stuff/toys. So much shit is hitting me at once. I am surprised that I am keeping myself together. =/ 

I really miss you Doctor. 

Look what I found while cleaning. =O


For: Destroyer
Know times are hard and the worlds going to shit, but people care maybe no one you can meet but you’re in the minds of many dude. You’re talent is sick and themes keep me coming back love all the work. Hope all you’re problems sort themselves out.

WOW! Thank you so much for this! This seriously made my day. Thank you!

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My life is falling apart around me. I should be a mess right now. I guess I am to a certain extent. I am just keeping it all inside & forgetting about it. But to my surprise I am calm & careless right now. It’ll probably hit me once Friday comes around. 

I forgot to mention this woman I met today.

I met this sweet old black woman earlier today. She was really nice to me… even though we obviously come from two different worlds. It was surprising that while we were waiting for our doctor…she acknowledged me as a human being & started a conversation with me. Which in person not many people do with me.. they take one look & think I am some horrible person. She even approached my stretched lobes in a respectable manner. She didn’t call them gauges! All she said was “OH MY! Your ear lobes! That’s so cool but ouch! Did you start with smaller earrings & move on to bigger sizes till you got to where you are now?” I was a bit in shock but replied with…”Actually… yes that’s basically what I did.” She also saw my leg tattoos & thought they were pretty cool. When I told her I drew them her face lit up & she told me that was amazing. We even got on the subject of religion… I flat-out told her that I don’t believe in anything religious. I believe in myself & try to be happy with my life. She told me she respected that & began to laugh then said, “me on the other hand I am a woman of faith! *raises hand* praise jesus!” We both laughed & continued to talk about family, friends & other random things.

That woman was awesome. I still hate most people.. but I sincerely appreciate her taking that bit of time to acknowledge me & just talk. =)

In honor of Doctor I shall get completely smashed tonight. 

I got Doctor’s ashes today & they also gave me his little footprint.
I am extremely bummed out right now. =(

my plug collection.

Check out what my mom got for me at Goodwill for $6.00. \m/

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