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Tumblr use to be a place for me to go to escape. I’ve learned about a lot of stuff on here… gained some really cool friends & a lot of other things. It was fun, enjoyable & almost therapeutic. Tumblr has been stripped of all of that for me. Certain things I see on here now piss me off, make me depressed or really irritate the shit out of me. I have a lot of regret for things I wish I never posted. It bums me out a lot. I’m not a very social person.. tumblr was my source, my escape, my refuge when I didn’t want to be bothered with the bullshit of life. I hope the good I got from being on here returns. I need it.

I’m highly considering just deleting my account. 

this is so unreal.

Do you know what it feels like to have cops, paramedics & other people be in complete awe/shock that you are alive after a bad accident? The way my car hit the tree… we should be dead but those seat belts saved our lives… but even then my car was so fucked & crushed… everyone’s shocked we made it. This is all sinking in still. I am so thankful & happy my boyfriend & I are alive. 

Me & my boyfriend got into an accident last night. We almost died last night…. I’m happy we’re alive. Luckily we only walked away with bruised bodies, burns & a broken arm. Not sure how I feel… in a lot of pain. =(

No need to read. Just wanted to say something…

These past few months have been some of the most memorable/best times of my life. It’s only getting better. I met an amazing human being who I am honored to call my boyfriend & my best friend. Since meeting him I’ve quit smoking. I’ve cut down on drinking. I’ve been learning so much about myself, gaining some wisdom & growing into what I hope is a better version of myself. I’ve also been conquering a lot of my fears I’ve harbored over the years. I never thought I’d be able to experience a lot of the feelings & things I’ve had recently… All I can say is I am extremely thankful for having someone truly special who I connect with like no other person in my life as well as all of the opportunities to learn, grow & better myself. This happiness in addition to the happiness I already had is awesome. I love you Guy.

I’m on this mini-vacation up north with the bf. It’s been going awesome! Last night we were watching a meteor shower & sitting on this beautiful lake… Quite the experience. I went on a boat for the first time today. I also went fishing for the first time. It’s been so romantic & fun as hell. Never thought I’d experience stuff like this. I am really thankful.

Road Trip

This fall/winter I am planning on taking a road trip for the fuck of it. (saving up & getting new tires/tune up for my car) I wonder who of my internet friends I will get to meet/who would want to finally meet me? I wonder how awkward it would be… Thinking about this is getting me excited.

I’ll have booze, blunts & pizza to break the ice doe. wassup.

no need to read. just want to vent.

A lot of people I’ve dated in the past have ruined how I handle things now. With all the bullshit I’ve been through.. everything is a trigger for me it seems these days. I realized I can no longer place that blame on anyone but myself for letting it happen. It’s up to me to get out of this & not let these feelings get the best of me.

Eventually I will get past this for sure. For now.. I want to sulk.

Thanks mom.

My mom gave me a hug this morning. She goes on to say, “I can wrap my arms around you now.” Because of the weight I’ve been losing.

I really needed that. Brightened up this dull day a little.

My kitchen was filled with obama earlier. Wish he’d fill me. Omg.

My new 2 inch dbl flare steel tunnels.

I asked my best friend to burn a disc for me.. He writes this on the disc. lol.

1080p ratchetness is mine.

More power to people wanting to rock their “natural hair”. That’s awesome! You do you. But don’t make other people feel bad because they want to style/do their hair the way they want. Believe it or not some people do their hair for themselves not because they are ashamed of who they are/where they come from. Get the fuck out. I will do all the hair dye, flat ironing I want to my hair.. because I do it for ME. Period. lol.

My best friend & I are fucking stupid. It’s awesome.

My mother gave me these for xmas. She honestly gets me.