Road Trip

This fall/winter I am planning on taking a road trip for the fuck of it. (saving up & getting new tires/tune up for my car) I wonder who of my internet friends I will get to meet/who would want to finally meet me? I wonder how awkward it would be… Thinking about this is getting me excited.

I’ll have booze, blunts & pizza to break the ice doe. wassup.

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no need to read. just want to vent.

A lot of people I’ve dated in the past have ruined how I handle things now. With all the bullshit I’ve been through.. everything is a trigger for me it seems these days. I realized I can no longer place that blame on anyone but myself for letting it happen. It’s up to me to get out of this & not let these feelings get the best of me.

Eventually I will get past this for sure. For now.. I want to sulk.

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Thanks mom.

My mom gave me a hug this morning. She goes on to say, “I can wrap my arms around you now.” Because of the weight I’ve been losing.

I really needed that. Brightened up this dull day a little.

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My kitchen was filled with obama earlier. Wish he’d fill me. Omg.

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My new 2 inch dbl flare steel tunnels.

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I asked my best friend to burn a disc for me.. He writes this on the disc. lol.

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1080p ratchetness is mine.

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More power to people wanting to rock their “natural hair”. That’s awesome! You do you. But don’t make other people feel bad because they want to style/do their hair the way they want. Believe it or not some people do their hair for themselves not because they are ashamed of who they are/where they come from. Get the fuck out. I will do all the hair dye, flat ironing I want to my hair.. because I do it for ME. Period. lol.

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My best friend & I are fucking stupid. It’s awesome.

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My mother gave me these for xmas. She honestly gets me.

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I don’t understand why people on here get so offended by photos of naked people. Like what’s the big deal? You were born into this world naked. You see yourself naked at least once a day (depending on if you shower daily.. lol). It’s just the human body… what are you so offended by/scared of? 

Within the past 2 weeks I’ve lost over 400 followers all because of a few naked dudes I reblogged. Oh well. I will continue to post as I please. =)


Anyways back to my fabulous bloggin.

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I am sitting outside some bar in my car. My friends inside doin his thing. But seriously after the bullshit I’ve dealt with today.. I am over this life. This whole bar scene/going out to just waste money thing is not appealing at all anymore. My idea of a good time is having a few drinks at home, a couple blunts, Netflix & good conversation with someone.

Why is it so hard to find people who are down for the same things I am? I’m not asking for the world.


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I have no trouble speaking mind & saying the things I want. But when it comes to saying the things I want to say to someone I like.. the words cannot escape me. I always freeze up & become super shy. 

I hate that. 

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Just need to vent right now..

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I am only going to say this once. But to people who lead other people on for long periods of time then toss them aside like it was nothing. I hope you burn to death. You type of people are disgusting. If you don’t like someone or whatever let them know from the start..don’t drag it out for your own sick amusement. Keep in mind that can seriously fuck with a persons head. Do you not understand what you are doing? You get the person to like you… you like them back. You keep playing these games..then out of nowhere you just ditch em like they’re nothing. Have some decency to be real & not waste each others time from the start. It will save that person a whole lot of emotional stress fuck bag.

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