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sooooooooooooo gorgeous!

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Early 2000’s MTV > MTV Now

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I feel cute today. So I took a few photos but I couldn’t decide which selfie was the best so I decided all of them. YAY! 

Witch King

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Self Love is truly a REALLY IMPORTANT thing.

In my 27 years of life I am just now realizing that. Love your self! You are a hot bitch! Bask in your own gloriousness!



Jeff “Vintage Dick” Goldblum in GQ Magazine, September 2014

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Random Memory

I remember being 11 years old at the time that Brandy/Monica song came out, “The Boy Is Mine”. I remember drinking Nesquik Strawberry Milk almost everyday, being in my families old neighborhood full of cute Puerto Rican boys/Black boys, listening to that song repeatedly on my walkman & thinking those boys were mine.