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College is stressful

Now I have a better understanding of what I see all of you have been going through. Everything from exams, to financial aid, to all the shit you have to remember to do.

I feel your pain now. I know your pain.

Can we just have a big group hug? Pizza? Netflx? 

I miss you tumblr.

I miss posting/reblogging shit all the time. Having responsibilities, being in school and being an adult sucks. lol. 

I finally got to have a little fun after being busy all week with school & I got to see ‘No Good Deed’ with Guy, finally. It was surprisingly good! Idris Elba did an amazing job as well as Taraji Henson. It’s not a big blockbuster but still worth watching.

7/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐

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Didn’t think this through enough. The color turned out nothing like I wanted. Ugh. =/

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I’ve been saying fuck it and letting my mustache grow out. 👍😤

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Seen “As Above So Below” tonight with my boyfriend. We surprisingly enjoyed it! I thoroughly enjoyed the subject matter of the movie. There are a few gaps/unanswered questions but it’s worth watching.

8/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐

#movie #asabovesobelow

Phase 2 done.

Found these ceramic pieces at a thrift store. I had to have them so I bought them. I’m gonna do some artsy shit to them. 😈

My camera has arrived! Omfg! I can start doing quality youtube videos now! Omfg Omfg!!!!!!!!!!

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My #mcm goes out to my boyfriend. We’ve been through a lot but are stronger & better than ever. I’ve always dreamed of having/imagined being with someone really sexy, attractive, buff, nerdy, smart & just over all a beautiful person. I never thought I’d get to be with someone like that. I’m so glad I have that now. He still wows me & gives me butterflies lol. So yes my man crush Monday is definitely my boyfriend.
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Guess who has a new car?! Oh… me! 😆 I am seriously so thankful right now. I’m in college. I’m getting help with my anxiety/depression/anger. I’ve got an amazing boyfriend/relationship. I know everyday won’t be good for me but I do enjoy the days that are good. I’m so thankful right now… you’ve got no idea. Thank you universe for the good vibes.

#newcar #college #goodvibes

I’m finally starting to get better. So I had to treat my self to this Attack On Titan tee. Finally. 👍😆 #mybodystillacheslikehell

Being sick sucks… I would destroy this. 😣 My boyfriend got me this though! So awesome! Giant fuckin gummy bear. #candy #junkfood #gummybear