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Roberto Clemente
One of the greatest baseball players of all-time BUT bigger than that, Clemente was a humanitarian and provider for his people in his homeland of Puerto Rico and other countries in Latin America.

Clemente died in plane crash on December 31, 1972, while attempting to deliver aide to earthquake survivors in Nicaragua.

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My first week of college is complete!

With the amount of walking I am doing around the campus I better drop like 10-30lbs a semester. This shit is intense. Going from a stagnant relaxed lifestyle to constantly on the move & doing shit… it is really overwhelming. I will admit any moment I had to myself… I broke down. I’m going to keep doing it & see how I feel about this lifestyle in December. Glad I have the support of my boyfriend. He is helping me through this a lot.

At least I have this weekend to rest.

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I am clearly loving myself tonight. ^_^

I am clearly loving myself tonight. ^_^

I am in love with my lavender hair. Might keep this for a while. =)

Lavender hair. I am diggin it.

I got a membership to a gym today. My boyfriend is gonna help me get strong & buff as fuck like him. 😤💪


I don’t understand people who don’t eat the butt end of a loaf of bread.