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I’ve seen this a couple of times on here & in person. For those of you who decide to open up about your depression to a friend/family but they tell you stupid shit like: “get over it just be happy”, “other people are going through worse things than you”, “just toughen up” etc. Please excuse them from your life or minimize your interaction with them. A friend should try to be open & understanding to you & thier surroundings. If they don’t know how to be they should at the very least want to learn how to be. That is if they care about you/value you as a human being. 

I am just saying.

You girls watch out for those weirdos.

We are the weirdos, mister.

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College is stressful

Now I have a better understanding of what I see all of you have been going through. Everything from exams, to financial aid, to all the shit you have to remember to do.

I feel your pain now. I know your pain.

Can we just have a big group hug? Pizza? Netflx?