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Sometimes I feel like I am getting close to losing my battle with depression. I think I am getting close to the end of the line.

If you know what I am watching right now on Netflix… you are going in my book of cool people. 👍😆

All of the black excellence I’ve been seeing come across my dash recently really makes me happy.

I had to buy this cause of all the filthy bitches on this campus. Ugh. #thesehoesdirty



The only Dad joke that matters.

I agree

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In the end I think I’ve learned the final lesson from my travels in time; and I’ve even gone one step further than my father did: The truth is I now don’t travel back at all, not even for the day, I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.

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1912, Titanic in colour. Colorised by Anton Logvynenko

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"The future is gold". J’adore Dior, the new film, starring Charlize Theron. 

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thanks to all my mutuals who liked my selfie but didn’t reblog it! I didn’t realize the F in Friday stood for fake!

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