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NEW video! 
So I was recently accepted into college... I am kinda scared… here are my thoughts on that. lol.
Reblog this please! Any support is appreciated. Hope you guys enjoy it. =)

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Jasmine | Illustration By: destroyer

oops I did a thing.

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Anonymous asked:
I just watched all of your Youtube videos! Seriously keep making videos you are so enjoyable to watch.

Oh wow thank you! I’ve got another video uploading to youtube as I type this. I am currently setting up to record another one today too. 

It makes me happy to know people are watching. It means a lot. This shit scary.

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Lil Bitch official video by Katie Got Bandz.


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"I think I’m a very kind hearted person. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. If I do, it’s not intentionally, and I feel a lot of people nowadays have lost that" - Selena Quintanilla Perez


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